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Why Call To Action CTAs are Important for your Business

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When a prospect likes your content, you will certainly wish for them to engage with your content, too. This engagement could be of various types. It could simply be hitting the like button on that post, or maybe commenting on it or sharing that post to their timelines. Therefore, in order to convince them to do so, we incorporate CTAs in our marketing campaigns so that a customer is reminded of these actions.

Why CTAs are Important

Call to Actions are very important for a business certainly because they remind the customer of taking an action you wish them to take. When a person consumes your content, they may be happy about it. Hence, it is easy for you to convince them to take an action you want them to take. Some businesses are just looking after post engagement, or page/channel engagement while some may be looking for page likes, channel subscriptions, or even more importantly website landings, traffic, filling up a form or making a purchase.

When we are happy about the content we consume, we can be programmed by the brand to take an action. This is certainly because our emotions are at peak and those can easily be manipulated into positive ways by the brands.

Types of CTAs

There are certainly many types of Call to Actions (CTAs). However, some of the most popular ones are listed below;

  1. Post Engagement
    1. Like the post
    2. Comment on the post
    3. Share the post
  2. Page/Channel Engagement
    1. Like page
    2. Follow page
    3. Subscribe Channel
    4. Hit Notification bell icon
  3. Click on Link
  4. Visit a website
  5. Consume another content
  6. Make a call
  7. Submit a form
  8. Make a purchase
  9. Give a shoutout
  10. Engage in a contest

There can however be many different types of CTAs according to the needs and requirements of your business.


CTAs are very important to attract and persuade the customers to take a particular action. It is therefore highly advisable to incorporate them into marketing strategy and test them frequently to find out what CTA inspires most to your audience.

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