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Understanding Sales Process for your Business

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A sales process is a series of steps that your customer representatives are bound to take to convert an inbound lead to a customer. This is also referred to as closing a lead successfully. A sales process is thus basically a framework in any business or brand.

Why Sales Process

A sales process is basically a map or a framework that your customer representatives are bound to follow in order to assist the leads and then convert them to customers. Without having a sales process, your customer representatives will have no idea how to assist the inbound leads and how to convert them to customers. A written and well-documented sales process can also help internees in your customer service department to adapt quickly and efficiently to your company’s standards. 

Early Stage: Prospects

Prospects are the people who might be interested in the product or service you are selling. YOu can acquire and attract new prospects by running social media marketing campaigns, and also by persuading the existing customers to attract new people in their networks under affiliate programs.

Second Stage: Qualification

Qualification refers to testing if the prospect can be a viable customer or not. There might be some people who may be interested in your product, but they may not have the financial condition to afford your product or service. Hence, their interest in your product or service might do you no good at the moment. 

Third Stage: Pitch and Objections

Your pitch is very important to convert the prospect into the customer. You have to have a deep understanding of the problem the prospect is facing. You are required to know the concerns of the prospects they usually express. It is always beneficial to address those concerns without them ever asking about it. This way when their unasked questions are automatically answered, they are more inclined to develop a trust in your brand. A sales process involves a detailed explanation of what to address in the pitch and what not to address.


It is therefore imperative to understand that an effective sales process can seriously benefit your business sales. It is also equally important to continuously analyze the current sales process, and measure the sales accordingly. A buyer’s journey is the journey to your brand’s success. If they are successful, your brand surely will be, too!

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