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Understanding Importance of Social Media Calendar for your Brand

Social media platforms are one of the most important tools for your brand’s success. It is therefore imperative to incorporate them into your marketing plan effectively. Although creating effective content that speaks the language of your customers is highly needful, however it is still not enough. An effective social media plan is therefore necessary to get the most out of the content. It is essential for the brand to devise a consistent and timely social media plan for the brand’s success. Nobody wants to be receiving blessings of new year on 2nd of January.

What exactly is Social Media Calendar?

A social media calendar, or often also referred to as by content calendar, is a timeline of your future content. It involves laying out what content needs to be produced in the due amount of time and what time it needs to be published on the respective social media platform.

Why plan a Social Media Calendar?

A social media calendar can help you assign the responsibilities of content design, content publishing and content engagement and evaluation. It is also beneficial to measure the campaign progress.

A social media calendar can also measure the team performance and the content’s performance as well. It can also help you maintain a consistent flow of information to the customer.

How to produce a Social Media Calendar?

Although a social media calendar or content calendar can be produced on a whiteboard, it can also be designed on any tool such as Microsoft Excel or any other team management software such as Trello.


We have seen some brands who do not publish to their social media pages for weeks and some even for months. It is equally damaging for the business and brand’s reputation as well. It is therefore highly advisable to work on the content calendar, set the deadlines and get the team working on it.

Maria Saeed
Maria Saeed
Maria Saeed is an International Relations graduate from the International Islamic University, Islamabad. Her areas of interest include global politics and international security in the era of IT. She likes to learn about new cultures, social norms, traditions, and languages. She often contemplates about what interrelated events were happening in the past and shaping the cultures of different nations.

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