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Understanding Customer Persona for your Business

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Every brand or business wants a loyal customer. But some of them fail to understand who their customer is? What are their interests? Which behaviors trigger them? And many other unanswered questions pose hurdles for them in theri sales process. It is therefore advisable to understand how the customer personas can benefit your business strategy.

What is Customer Persona?

A customer persona is also referred to as buyer persona, audience avatar, customer persona and other words interchangeably used for the same concept. It is basically an abstract depiction of your ideal customer, all the way narrowed down to a single individual. You note down the interests and behaviors of this individual based on the market experience or the experience you have got through the sales in the past. Businesses also hire professionals in the same niche to design a buyer persona for them.

Why design a Customer Persona?

A customer persona or buyer persona helps you to understand who your ideal customer is. It also tells you what they think and how the interact with your product. If you have 5,000 visitors coming to your website or social media page, it is not necessary they all might be your ideal customer. It is therefore imperative to identify your ideal customer. 

Increasing Relevance

Relevance is one of the factors that is more prioritised by search engine algorithms and social media algorithms. If a content is not relevant to the customer and also if a customer is not relevant to the content, there will not be any successful sales journey. 

Defining Customer Persona

First of all, in order to design an ideal customer persona, you need to have an understanding of the demographics of your customer. This involves their age, city, interests, gender and lifestyle preferences among many other traits.

Moreover, you can also help analyze your existing audience from social media platforms you are using. Each social media platform provides its own analytics application so that you can analyze and measure the performance and relevance of your audience.


You should also be able to measure the audience persona your competitors are using. This way you can not only assess the marketing strategies being employed by your competitors, but also analyze your own customer persona comparatively.

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