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Improve and Take Customer Experience to Whole New Horizons

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Customer engagement is one of the most critical areas for any business. Whether you are trying to sell a product or a service, unless you communicate effectively with the customer and persuade him/her to develop an interest in your product or service, you have got no luck in selling business. This is where customer experience comes in. Businesses hire professional consultants to analyze their customer experience journey and devise a perfect journey plan that can help cater to the queries of customer while persuading him/her to make a purchase.

What is Customer Experience

When a business exposes its product or service to potential client, the prospect may engage with the business to further inquire about the product you are selling. This is exactly the point where customer journey kicks in and follows to the very end where either the customer will end up making a purchase or will bounce back from the journey. Hence, therefore, this is a very critical phase for a business to retain their customer.

Most Important Component of Customer Experience

One of the most important components of customer experience is the response rate. Response rate metric tells the customer how quickly this business responds to the queries of the customer. Hence, if you keep the customers waiting in the inbox, the response rate may degrade and it can hurt your business credibility.

A customer does not want to waste their time. They also have way too many choices to buy the product. When you may not be available to respond to their queries, they may turn to your competitors and they may also respond to them right away, thereby turning them into a customer whereas they could have been your customer.

For this very reason, social media platforms such as Facebook has introduced a special metric to calculate the response rate of the pages. It is also shown to the customers on the frontend of your page. Make sure this number is good otherwise you may lose several leads and engagements.

Training Employees

Not every client is an ideal one. They may also not be educated enough to talk within the knowledge of your brand or product. They may have very naive questions for you. Your representatives must be able to deal all kinds of customers. It is therefore very important for the benefit of your business to train your employees on how to better serve the customers. Moreover, there may also be a customer who has problem with your product, or his product got damaged during the shipment. Your shipping team may also have mistakenly sent them the wrong product or wrong size. Hence, therefore, your employees should be well-versed with how to deal the crisis situation also.

Personalize with Customers

It is always advised to speak the language of your customers. Engage with your customers by calling them with their first name and then assuring them that their issue will be handled to the best interests of both parties. This way, you can handle even the most critical crisis situations.

Draw the Customer Journey

Let’s assume you are a customer. How will you discover your brand? How will you engage with customer service? And what steps will you take till you make the purchase? Note down all of these steps in a sequence and you will have a customer journey’s version 01 in your hand.


Customer journey is the most critical stage for any company. A brand with a very good product may not be getting any sales due to a poorly-planned customer journey. Hence, always look forward to the successful customer journey case studies of your competitors and always be open-minded to alterations and modifications.

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