Tuesday, December 5, 2023

How YouTube is Expanding with Introduction of Clips

With the ongoing trend of TikTok videos, and a larger share of other similar platforms, YouTube introduced a much-awaited feature called ‘Clips’ that can allow a person to clip a part of the video they are watching and post it to their Clips.

What changed with YouTube Clips?

Earlier, we used special wildcards and parameters at the end of the YouTube video to mark a specific start time of the YouTube video. This way we shared important snippets of a long YouTube video with our friends and colleagues. Now, YouTube has introduced a new way to clip those long videos into short videos of your own desired duration and part. This is called YouTube clips. 

Earlier it was introduced with only a handful of people when YouTube wanted to test this feature, now it is rolled out to almost all YouTube users.

How is it different from Twitch Clips?

Just like Twitch allowed the viewers to clip the parts of the streams, YouTube allowed the same for its audiences to expand the reach of the YouTube channels to masses by their audiences. However, in contrast to the Twitch clips where it can be publicly available and is also ranked in most popular clips on Twitch platform, the YouTube clips are strictly limited to the person’s own channel and can only be publicly shared with a link.

Monetization of Shorts

If the original video is monetized and is more than 30 seconds in duration, ads might appear on the clips so as to support the original creator. 


YouTube shorts are certainly a way forward for YouTube and its content creators. The audiences can share the clips of a long video that appeals and entertains them the most.

Rimsha Saeed
Rimsha Saeed
Rimsha Saeed is a graduate in Sociology from International Islamic University Islamabad. She is interested in exploring the impacts of social media and technology in the prevailing society. She wants to elucidate the positive usage of information technology in career growth and development.

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