Tuesday, December 5, 2023

How Augmented Reality AI will Reshape Online Business

Long gone are the days when we used to guess how this particular dress, hat or glasses will look on us. Or how this wardrobe will look in the room. Augmented Reality has made it possible for us to reimagine this into reality. We can now see the object live in 3D space and in perspective to the real objects.

Seeing is Believing

Businesses can boost their sales by incorporating Augment reality in their ecommerce stores. This can provide a proven insight to the customer of how the product will look once they purchase it. It can also elevate their decision-making process.

Businesses are already making 3D models of their products. This wide range of products also include sneakers, glasses, dresses, jackets and much more. A survey was also conducted by Google in which 6 out of every 10 people were found highly interested in trying out AR power feature before they actually made the purchase. 

Is it worth considering?

Given the impact of Augmented Reality on the success of businesses in future, it is imperative and wise to research in it on preliminary stages. This can also give you a leverage over your competitors.

Maria Saeed
Maria Saeed
Maria Saeed is an International Relations graduate from the International Islamic University, Islamabad. Her areas of interest include global politics and international security in the era of IT. She likes to learn about new cultures, social norms, traditions, and languages. She often contemplates about what interrelated events were happening in the past and shaping the cultures of different nations.

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