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How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Sales for Ecommerce

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You might have heard about Upselling and Cross-selling! You might also have observed that this mechanism of cross-selling and upselling is carried out by the website and platform automatically. If you ask your sales team about the figures that how many sales they got through upselling and cross-selling, you will be amazed. Who is driving these sales? Certainly this is artificial intelligence behind the work.

AI in Customer Relations

Apart from these areas, artificial intelligence is also being used to respond the customer queries in the inbox and also in the comments. The artificial intelligence algorithm identifies the keywords and language of the customer and responds as if a human would respond.

AI in Consumer Preferences

The artificial intelligence is also improving the overall experience of shopping for consumers. Since the social media giants and search engines are very well aware of our behaviors and interests, they know which brands we would be most interested in. Hence, our news feeds and social media profiles and timelines are filled with content that is more relevant to our interests and behaviors.

AI in Product Preferences

With the previous knowledge of our shopping history and visits to the brands and stores across a variety of different online platforms, the artificial intelligence algorithms expose us to the relevant deals that might grab our attention.

AI in Inventory Management

Artificial intelligence algorithms can take care of the logistics and order fulfillment process. Take an example of Amazon where keeping in view the sales trends and anticipated change in the metrics over the upcoming period of time, certain actions are automatically taken to the best interests of our business.

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