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Google to Provide More Information About Ads

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Being a digital marketer, we always want to observe the strategies and tools our competitors are doing so that we can be well-prepared for them and enhance our marketing strategies as well. On Facebook, we are provided with plenty of information about the audience being targeted by a brand. However, this was not the case on Google. Google comparatively provided less information to the people being exposed to the ad. However, things are going to change in a positive manner.

Google’s Expansion on Information about Ads

From now on, people viewing an ad will be getting more information about the ad they are being exposed to. This also involves the ranking factors and the query against which the ad surfaced. Moreover, the language and geography information is also added into the list.

Hence, you can tell if the query for the ad was triggered by the similar query on your page. Therefore, related terms and local relevance are more emphasized in providing the information about the ads being displayed.

What’s in it for Marketers?

With this exciting new update from Google, marketers now will have more data and information about how a brand is targeting the audiences on Google. More importantly, they will be able to note down these observations and based on calculated decisions, a brand may revise its marketing strategy keeping in view the strategy of its competitors.


The expansion however is not being rolled out for all Google users right now. Currently, it is being phased to only a limited number of users for testing purposes. However, we will soon be seeing it all over Google network.

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