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Ensuring Safe and Secure Shopping Experience Online

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We have all been shopping on internet for too long. Some of us have also fallen victim to online shopping fraud. It is therefore necessary to know how to make our shopping experience safe and secure.

Ensure Website Connection is Secure

Before giving away your credit card information on any website, make sure the website is using HTTPS protocol otherwise your information will be vulnerable to hackers during the transmission. Although it is required by major search engines that all websites need to be in HTTPS protocol, however some hackers save themselves from this hassle and do not resort to purchasing or installing an SSL certificate on the website.

Verify Merchant’s Credibility

Look for the reviews of the merchant online. Verify their online reputation on different social media platforms and search engines. Be mindful that these reviews can also be fake, so you have to be very vigilant about what you are reading. The language of those reviews can also tell you the inside story. 

Get Away from “BUMPER” Offers

You will not be getting an iPhone 12 Pro Max with a $12 shirt. This is too good to be true. Do not fall into such traps and avoid putting in your transaction details.

Don’t Give Away Too Much!

Only a handful of information is required to make a purchase online. If the online store is demanding more information about you such as your social security number, your personal identification number, passport number or driver’s license, do not provide it to them. 

Never Use Frequent Password

If the website requires you to create an account on their website, choose a password that has never been used before. Also make sure that your password is not descriptive otherwise they may notice the pattern in your passwords, and hack your other accounts.

Always Read Refund Policy and Shipping Policy

Ask them about hidden charges. Inquire about the quality of the product. If you are talking to a customer representative, ask him/her about their customer rep id so that you can refer to them later on when needed.


It is always beneficial for your personal safety to buy from trusted brands and businesses only. Always look for trusted reviews and communities so that you never lose your hard-earned money.

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