Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Considering Machine Learning for Future Ecommerce

As a digital marketer, we have always dedicated our efforts and resources in finding the right consumer segmentation, winning creatives and better return on metrics. Just as the consumer market is increasing day by day, it is required to analyze the huge amounts of data points and extract valuable results from this data. This is where machine learning can help us extract meaningful information from this large amounts of data.

Leveraging Machine Learning Services

There are a lot of companies including Google and Facebook who are continuously experimenting on Machine Learning algorithms to deliver the best performance to the businesses out there. The Facebook and Google Ads have drastically improved since the past, all thanks to the improving machine learning algorithms that process huge amounts of data.

The Need for More Data

When we run marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google, we need more and more consumer data to mature the figures and to find the right winning audience. This is basically warming up our audience data set. Once we have identified a viable audience segment, we can then generate lookalikes to this segment. In the very same way, Machine Learning algorithms need huge amounts of data to process the meaningful and beneficial results.

Machine Learning in Audience Discovery

Machine learning can help us identify the winning audience among billions of people. This way we can target this audience segment to save our marketing budget and efforts.

Machine Learning in Creatives

It is imperative to target the right audience with the right creative. Even if we find the right winning audience, it is also needful to find the winning creative that this audience finds appealing and persuasive enough to take an action. Machine Learning can help us find this winning creative more efficiently and quickly.

Machine Learning in Optimization

Machine learning can help us optimize our marketing campaigns to the best benefit of our marketing objectives. It can take decisions based on the metrics on the real time basis. If it feels that we are giving way too much on this particular audience segment, it can switch to the next segment automatically in order to find the feasible audience. 


Machine Learning is the study of future. It is also being incorporated into our current business scenarios. Soon we will be using machine learning algorithms in all sorts of digital activities.Hence, it is advised to research into machine learning at preliminary stages of your brand.

Maria Saeed
Maria Saeed
Maria Saeed is an International Relations graduate from the International Islamic University, Islamabad. Her areas of interest include global politics and international security in the era of IT. She likes to learn about new cultures, social norms, traditions, and languages. She often contemplates about what interrelated events were happening in the past and shaping the cultures of different nations.

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