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Brief About Relation between Humans and Artificial Intelligence

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Humans harness the powers of physical and cognitive fields of activities in any kind of industry there is. Although the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is known to surpass the humans in physical fields of activities however AI has yet to prove its worth in activities that involve superior cognitive and analytical skills often termed as social and cognitive skills.

Uncertainty about the future is a scary truth. Humans of twenty-first century are uncertain about what the future has to offer to the world. With this uncertainty, there are far less variables to account for in an effort to predict the future.

A soul has a deeper connection to the mind we have instead of the brain that we are used to study. While a brain has biochemical and electrical properties, the mind allows us to experience and record the memories of subjective experiences such as pleasure, anger, dismay, love and pain etc..

Scientists have been studying the neuroscience and behavioral sciences to unlock the algorithms that humans employ to utilize their intuition and consciousness in decision making and behaviors. Once the code is cracked, AI would have an edge over humans.

Over the course of decades, the constants have been rendered to variables unexpectedly. With marvelous improvements in robotics and machine learning, and considering the fact of change being stressful for us as humans, there is an uncertainty as to whether we would be able to cope with unprecedented future or not.

Humans are curious beings. With the sheer wish to observe the nature, the human mind is unable to concentrate and loses its focus and alertness. To understand the dynamics of life and soul, we need to understand our mind to its core before the AI programs it for us.

Autonomous vehicles, for example, can be connected to a single algorithm in a single database. Thus, the communication between the autonomous entities is not only effective and sound but also swift and lag-free. The autonomous vehicles can communicate with each other and the surroundings in a split of a second while allowing them to make an effective decision to steer away from causing a conflict. The same goes for healthcare. If the medical industry is synced to a single and secure database, the laboratories and international health institutions can communicate their findings, discoveries, and inventions to all of humanity. Thus, providing the healthcare workers and doctors real-time updates and solutions.

Apart from strengthening the military and its technology, the second-most important factor that thrives any nation to the horizons of power is the economy. A sound, powerful and stable economy can pave ways to not only befriend other nations but also to help sustain the global economy. Humans differ from each other in their observations, interpretations, and decision-making. An economist can have exposure to the only experience they are exposed to in their lives. On the contrary, if an AI takes over the digital commerce spectrum, it can not only observe millions of worldwide transactions being made in a split second but also help economists make effective decisions based on accurate data. If I were to allow an AI to incorporate one of my cognitive skills, it would be decision-making since there are no emotions involved in such kinds of decision-making but only sound and rational thinking.

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