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Maria Saeed

Maria Saeed is an International Relations graduate from the International Islamic University, Islamabad. Her areas of interest include global politics and international security in the era of IT. She likes to learn about new cultures, social norms, traditions, and languages. She often contemplates about what interrelated events were happening in the past and shaping the cultures of different nations.

Influencer Marketing Guide for Digital Marketers

Influencer Marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools. It is therefore needful to know how to effectively execute influencer marketing to the best interests of your business.

Why Influencer Marketing is the Future of Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the one trend that is not going to expire too soon.

Why Consider Influencer Marketing as Effective Marketing Tool?

Influencer Marketing is a trending topic at the moment. It is also one of the most discussed topics in the marketing industry.

Understanding the Importance of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is presently a standard type of internet advertising.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future

n order to survive in the upcoming future, we need to learn what is required by those times.

How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Sales for Ecommerce

You might have heard about Upselling and Cross-selling! You might also have observed that this mechanism of cross-selling and upselling is carried out by the website and platform automatically.

Brief About Relation between Humans and Artificial Intelligence

Uncertainty about the future is a scary truth. Humans of twenty-first century are uncertain about what the future has to offer to the world. With this uncertainty, there are far less variables to account for in an effort to predict the future.


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