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Malik Waqas Saeed

Malik Waqas Saeed is a digital marketer, video post-producer, graphics designer, social media strategist and an activist. Fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of modern digital media trends and communication mediums, he writes for Infolitical.

WhatsApp Channels: Your Ultimate Guide to Creating and Using Business Channels

In an era where effective communication is paramount for businesses and organizations to connect with their audiences, WhatsApp has introduced an innovative feature known...

10 Signs of Tech Obsession: Recognizing the Clues of Technology Addiction

There are always signs of drug use. You can see the signs right away if you know what to look for. Many of the...

We Can Finally Edit A TikTok After Posting

TikTok is currently one of the most popular ways for people all over the world to exchange short videos, and it has had a...

Digital Data Footprint In Digital World

Electronic devices generate data endlessly. It is both the origin of all of their operations and a result of those efforts.

The Complete History, Origin And Evolution Of Early Wheel

Wheels are essential to the operation of virtually every machine imaginable, from windmills to jet aircraft.

Social Media Marketing Ideas & Strategy for Online Business

Write compelling social media strategy to engage your audience. Social media may expand your business's reach, create leads, and boost sales.

Understanding What is Privacy and Code of Conduct – Explained

Understand how privacy and code of conduct works for a business


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