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Artificial Intelligence and the Future

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Before 1500s, when we used to drag the carts with the horses, the people transported goods through horses and these carts. In 1500s, when we saw the mechanical engines being invented, many people became jobless. This is certainly because they did not learn how to operate the mechanical engines. Those who learnt it, they got handsome salaries. Hence, this is a how the horses were replaced with the mechanical engines. So in order to survive in the changing times, we had to learn to drive the mechanical engines. Now, this is not about the mechanical engines, it is about ourselves. We are being replaced with artificial intelligence.This is the same artificial intelligence that does not sleep, and has no emotional triggers and is able to take decisions in a fraction of a second based on huge amounts of data and information.

In order to survive in the upcoming future, we need to learn what is required by those times. We need to be able to make ourselves relevant in that age. Otherwise we will have no space for ourselves in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is basically a new phase of industrial revolution. The major areas of industry 4.0 are based on automation, machine learning, augmented reality, neuronetworks, and interconnectivity with Internet-of-Things.

Hence in order to suvive in industry 4.0, we need to prepare ourselves with the majors we discussed above.

While Industry 4.0 is as yet advancing and we probably won’t have the total picture until we think back a long time from now, organizations who are receiving the advancements acknowledge Industry 4.0’s latent capacity. These equivalent organizations are additionally wrestling with how to upskill their present labor force to take on new work duties made conceivable by Internet 4.0 and to select new representatives with the right abilities.

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